Dr. Prasad Gollanapalli

Gandhian Scholar and Managing Trustee of

Gandhi King Foundation


Prasad Gollanapalli holds a Masters Degree in 'Gandhian Thought' and a Degree of Master of Philosophy in 'Gandhian Thought and Peace Making', in addition to Masters degrees in Commerce and Law. He is a Gandhian scholar and an active member of the Gandhian organizations and Sarvodaya Movement in India. He is Secretary, of Sarva Seva Sangh (All India Sarvodaya Mandal), the apex Gandhian organization in India and the General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Sarvodaya Mandal, Hyderabad. He is a Convenor of Programs for Ashram Pratishtan, Sevagram (Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram in Wardha, Maharashtra). He conducts Training and Orientation Programs for District, State Sarvodaya Mandal functionaries, Gandhian Constructive Work Organizations, Universities and other organizations in India. These Programs are mostly organized in Sevagram Ashram which was established by Mahatma Gandhi where he lived for over a decade and at other Ashrams, Universities, Institutions in different parts of India. He teaches courses on Gandhian Philosophy, Peace, Nonviolence, sustainable development, Servant Leadership etc. in Indian and American Universities.