Mihir Shah


With 15+ years of dedicated experience in bringing disruptive science from academia to the clinic, Mihir in 2009, co-founded UE LifeSciences to lead the effort in bringing early detection of breast cancer to geographies where the incidence is rising and western model of screening is unadaptable. A computer engineer by training, he is creating a sustainable ecosystem comprising of public health agencies, corporates with CSR support and thought-leaders in oncology and global health. 

After graduating from Drexel University in the US, Shah had been working in the medical technology field. Shortly before Shah married, his future mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer in India. Reflecting on how this narrative might have been different in the US, he began studying the massive disparities in access to early cancer detection between women in high-income areas compared to low- and middle-income areas. Co-founder Matthew Campisi’s mother-in-law had also been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is when UE LifeSciences’ mission was born.

UE LifeSciences aims to reach 10M women in the developing world, women who otherwise don’t have affordable, accurate and easy access to breast cancer early detection.


UE LifeSciences is a team of 70+ passionate engineers, clinicians, public health workers and technicians across 3 offices in USA, India and Malaysia.


They enable breast cancer early detection for women in developing regions around the world in collaboration with governmental and private healthcare partners. To date, they have successfully commercialized two products, iBreastExam™ and NoTouch BreastScan™, both US FDA cleared and CE marked. Over 120,000 women have been benefited to date. UE LifeSciences has raised $5.5M combined, in equity capital and grant funding.


With strong distribution partnerships, they are commercializing their innovations in several countries across South-Asia, South-East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.