IDS brings two plays in English to commemorate Kasturba Gandhi's
150 Birth Anniversary!
Kasturba / Gandhi

The year 2019 along with Mahatma Gandhi also marks the 150th birth anniversary of his wife Kasturba Gandhi who was his pillar of support and did not compromise her own beliefs in order to please the populace.


 About the play:


In a male-dominated society that expected women to obey several unwritten rules of decorum, a woman who chose to speak her mind and not abide by such standards would certainly be considered revolutionary and defiant. Kasturba, the wife of the famous Mahatma Gandhi, clearly fits this outline. She is not as well known to the modern world as her famous husband. It is not known that the concept of 'Satyagraha' was given to Gandhi by his wife. It is not known that Gandhi would have serious arguments and fights with his wife, Kasturba, who was always known as a demure and obedient wife. Kasturba acted entirely of her own accord, and she was not willing to agree to a situation simply because society dictates it to be proper. Kasturba was unwilling to compromise her own beliefs in order to please the populace. She also acted in unprecedented ways, not only for women, but for people in general. Most women would simply accept their husband's word and obey their wishes; however, Kasturba once again, would not relinquish her own values to please society.    It is Nishi Chawla’s aim to make this play a deeply feminist text where Kasturba is revealed as a woman ahead of her times. She cared deeply for women's rights as well as her own rights as a woman. Nishi Chawla’s drama is cinematic in effect: it moves from episode to episode much as a camera would.       

The play was first staged by Natya Bharti in the Washington D.C. metro area in Fall 2016 and has been successfully staged in New Delhi, India, by eminent theatre personality, Shilpi Marwaha a few times in 2018 and in 2019.



A short animated vignette between Gandhi and Churchill who referred to Gandhi as a 'half-naked fakir'. The dialogue is the reflection of the undercurrent s of racism and bigotry prevalent around the world. This is a short excerpt from Dr. Chawla longer play on Churchill and Gandhi.

Panel Discussion
Director Alka Sharma
Playwright - Dr. Nishi Chawla

Moderated by K. Sujata 

along with 

Maki Mandela - daughter of Nelson Mandela 

Anthony Chavez - grandson of Cesar Chavez

Gandhi and Churchill

About the play:

IDS is a 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization supporting grassroots social and economic development of disadvantaged people in India. Proceeds from this event will go towards small scale projects to empower the communities to be self-reliant, an ideology that Gandhi and Kasturba deeply subscribed to.  


K Sujata
Dr. Nishi Chawla
Alka Sharma
Dr. Makaziwe Mandela
Anthony Chavez
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