Sam Pitroda


Sam Pitroda had never held a telephone until the age of 22 when he came to America. Years later, Sam is an internationally respected telecom inventor, entrepreneur, and policymaker, known by many as the Father of the Indian Telecom Revolution. He worked to make telephones available to even the most remote parts of rural India, believing that information communication technology (ICT) is as important as water or education to the developing third world.

Sam holds around 100 technology patents worldwide and has built several successful companies while creating thousands of jobs. He served as the chairman of the National Knowledge Commission and formally served as the Advisor to the Prime Minister on India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation.

 Sam splits his time between offices in Chicago, IL, USA, and New Delhi, India. Sam is also a talented artist whose work has been shown in an expedition in Paris, France.  He has two grown children and lives with his wife, primarily in Chicago.